“Persephone”   |   VW Crafter

Judith is a theatre-loving, arts enthusiast who built this van with her 3 dogs in mind.

She regularly goes to dog trials and wanted her 3 furry friends to be as safe and as comfortable as she was. Her vision was to create a happy, functional and beautiful space for her to relax in whilst traveling around the NSW shows.

Judith wasn’t afraid to inject colour into her van and really let her artistic vision flow into this campervan build.

With an exterior shower, hidden toilet, induction cooker and crim-safe doors installed,  ‘Persophone’ is bound to be the talk of all the shows to come!


“Roaming Wild Campers is a fun company to do business with.  Both are creative artisans and Michael is also a sculptor. Persephone suits me down to the ground.  It feels roomy inside and yet the van has everything I need: a double bed,  porta potti, a ceramic hob top, heater, hot water, roof vent and fan, two wonderful kennels for my dogs, a bed and a sofa!  Unbelievable.  And there is heaps of storage space too:  for all the dog stuff, a bedside drawer, table and chairs, dining table, crockery, pantry,  pots and pans, rubbish bin, a place for under the sink stuff (cleaning products, tool box, spare fuses etc) and a clothes cupboard, party wine glasses, gumboots, hoses/electric cables, chemicals for the toilet….you get the idea. And all of this is at or below bench height apart from the pantry. Love it. And Persephone looks absolutely beautiful.

It was a joint effort, with everyone chipping in to solve problems as the job progressed.  As a result it  feels very much like ‘my’ van and I am really, really proud of it. All their vans are customised and reflect the needs and personality of the owner.  This is important I think as your getaway van is such a personal thing.  We all relax and live differently.

As a complete novice at this (and a not very practical person either),  I am also grateful for the kindness and patience of Em and Michael in providing excellent after care and guidance”.

Judith James