Life is a Beautiful Ride…

Roaming Wild Campers is based in Mudgee, NSW, Australia.

Originally from Mudgee, Michael has always been an artist and avid wood enthusiast; whilst Emma, from England, grew up with keen eye for design and a love of the bohemian lifestyle.  They met; joined by a mutual love of starry skies, campfires, travelling, and a life free from the confines of four walls.

Michael & Emma developed their passion for the Vanlife whilst camper-vanning around Europe. They bought an old van and converted it from a scruffy panel van into a chic Home on Wheels. They spent the next 2.5 years travelling through Europe and converting vans. The campers they built were soon so sought after, that before long these self-taught carpenters were in demand to build vans for numerous people they met along the way..

And that’s how Roaming Wild Campers was born.

As we work on the vans side by side, we are able to create intimate campers, full of soul and promises of adventures to come…

Campervan beach life