There’s a multitude of vans on the market that all have their advantages for the type of conversion you might want. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your van.

  • How much space and creature comforts do you need? Will you need a SWB, MWB, LWB, XLWB, Low roof or High roof van?
  • How long are the trips you’ll be doing?
  • Consider where you’ll be travelling. Some beach and city parking may only allow a certain height limit.
  • How tall are you? Bed size will impact the layout on where you’d like to sleep across the van.
  • Do you want to be discrete/stealthy or it doesn’t really matter?
  • How reputable is the manufacturer/model, and the sturdiness of their engines- keep in mind any common problems on particular models.
  • We always recommend having an NRMA check done on the van before buying it, just to be sure there are no underlying problems.
  • Will you want windows, ply lining? Some vans already have windows and lining.


Low Roofs

These vans are great for short trips, with easy parking, less fuel and a more discrete/ simplistic way to travel. The disadvantage of them is you just aren’t getting the same space as you would with a bigger van. Head height and van width play a big role in making the space feel more spacious on a longer trip.

VW Transporter LWB
Toyota Hiace
Mercedes Vito
Ford transit (low roof)
Fiat Ducato (low roof)



Larger Vans

These vans are for the people who just want to get away and have space and comfort.  They are all high top vans, but vans like the Fiat Ducato are built wider than the rest making them ideal for a 6 foot person to be able to sleep across the van.

Mercedes Sprinter
Renault Traffic
VW Crafter
Fiat Ducato
Ford Transit
Iveco Daily

Quirky / vintage campers

There’s also another option if you’re a bit more adventurous and feel you’d like to rock a vintage vehicle. There is a huge amount of awesome vintage trucks/ buses trailers or even vans on the market. 

Some of our favorites are Bedford buses,  Citroen HY vans (imported from England/ france),  Ford F utes,  Merc Unimogs, Quirky trailers, tiny home or vintage caravans. You could even get a double decker bus or a firetruck!

Research, research, research

Search through forums, review sites and even talk to your local mechanic about what does and doesn’t tend to go wrong with certain year models.

At the end of the day, you want to choose a van with the right mileage and to make sure it’s in good condition for its age/market value. 

If you’re going to spend the money on a conversion, you need to be sure that the van itself is sound- so please get a mechanic to give it a thorough check beforehand.