“Maverick” | Merc Sprinter

The crisp, clean cabinetry and simple colour scheme in Maverick compliments the beautiful wooden features and black appliances.

This Home on Wheels is fully self sufficient with a fantastic Enerdrive Lithium System and ample solar panels installed onto the roof.

Maverick’s owner, Cian, is a young, enthusiastic traveller studying to become a photographer who will be hitting the road and travelling Australia once he has finished his studies.

He wanted the van to have a simple elegance where he would be able to work on the road whilst Roaming Wild.


“My experience with Roaming Wild Campers has been great from the beginning till even after the conversion was finish. Michael and Emma have been amazing at listening to my ideas then drafting my dream design.

Their skills and expertise in van conversions, allowed for an even better end result than I could have imagined. Maverick was perfectly crafted and made with passion, I can’t wait to see where I go living the dream life”.     

 Cian Ryan

IG: @cian.011